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Established in 2002, Gold Mine Glove Manufacturers is a proudly South African company with a BBBEE level 1 rating and local Manufacturer of SABS approved PVC gloves.


With 37 year’s experience at the helm, Founder and Director Surgeran Naidoo conceptualized, designed, engineered and setup his Glove dipping plant as a Supplier Development initiative to a large National and African PPE distributor.


This served as home base for 20 years.


In January 2023, Goldmine Gloves finally had an opportunity to operate independently to manufacture and supply direct to the reseller and end user.


Our gloves are high end quality servicing and target industries such as Mining, Construction, Forestry, waste removal, Chemical industries, Plumbing and Electroplating to name a few We are expanding our product line to include PVC aprons, PVC rain suits, Cray fish gloves and Polka Dot Gloves.


Our staff backed with over 40 years of experience in the PPE industry and acquire skills such as Business Administration, Engineering, Project Management, Manufacturing and Sales The legacy and History of our Gloves, promises comfort that we have your hands protected


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